Current Reseach Topics



Authoritarian regimes and democratic transitions. a comparative analysis  of Post-Soviet and Latin American societies.

Anti-semitism in the new populist and extremist movements in Europe:  an emerging challenge to European democracies.

Disinformation, propaganda and perception management: new tools of geopolitical and geoeconomic competition in the age of cyber-power.

Chinese grand strategy: implications for the evolution of the international system in the 21st century

Security perceptions  and the evolution of Russia-Europe relations after the Ukraine crisis

Russian and Chinese strategic thinking on information warfare and security in cyberspace

The State-Crime Nexus: links between transnational crime, politics and corruption in Latin America, Eurasia, Southern and Eastern Europe, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region.

A comparative study of Western and Non-Western intelligence systems and cultures

Fundamentalist revolts against modernity and religious violence in the world’s major religions

The politics of stateless nations in China, India and Pakistan

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