The Gino Germani Institute for Social Sciences and Strategic Studies, a non-profit think tank established in Rome in 1981, has the mission of defending and renewing liberal democracy and the open society.

The Institute conducts and publishes studies and analyses about the security threats to the West, to the Euro-Atlantic community and to Italy. Moreover, a key goal of  the Institute is to raise the awareness of policy-makers and public opinion of internal and external threats to liberal democracy and to its values.

In particular, the think tank conducts research on topics such as authoritarian and totalitarian regimes and ideologies, terrorism and political violence, right and left-wing extremism, transnational organized crime and its connections to political power, political corruption, illiberal nationalist-populist movements, disinformation and the manipulation of perceptions, cyber-threats, malign influence and interference by foreign autocratic regimes aimed at destabilizing democracies, and the role of intelligence and counterintelligence in the defense of democratic societies.

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