The Institute holds two library collections:

1) The Gino Germani collection of social sciences, history and comparative studies (donated to the Center at the time of its founding);

2) the E.A. Bayne collection of Mediterranean Studies and International Relations (subsequently donated to the Center by the American Universities Field Staff).

The unification of two important cross-cultural libraries – which contain numerous classic works in history, sociology, economics, political science, international relations, strategic studies and anthropology – was highly praised by the US Library of Congress in 1984 (see the letter sent by the US Librarian of Congress).

In May 2019 the Gino Germani Institute signed a cooperation agreement with the Luigi Sturzo Institute in Rome aimed at makings these two library collections more widely availaible to scholars and researchers. As a result of this important agreement the Germani Institute’s    two collections are currently located at Palazzo Baldassini, the premises of the Sturzo Institute

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